Giselle Cara is with you at every step of that process until you are able to generate new practices on your own, course correct on your own, and able to effectively sustain your own growth and development without a coach.



  Life / business coaching creates a fusion that aligns your body/mind/spirit complex. This synergy removes hidden blocks so your transformation occurs quickly and easily. Integrative Coaching treats each aspect of your life like a section of a wheel. When your work, relationship and health aspects are uneven, you're in for a bumpy ride. My fusion of techniques creates a life that's smooth and fluid.

You have the benefit of one-on-one direct feedback and you are the sole focus of the 60-minute coaching or therapy session. Your first two coaching or therapy sessions give you the opportunity to delve deeply into an area of your life that feels stuck or simply feels like it could be more full and meaningful than it currently is.

The sessions will help to illuminate the current way you have of approaching this part of your life and how that helps to keep creating the results that you are currently getting (or not getting). The sessions will also help you find a new way of approaching your topic or area of development that will open up new possibilities in this part of your life.

Finally, you will receive a starter set of specific practices to begin moving forward with more capacities, greater satisfaction and freedom. With ongoing individual coaching, you will continue to receive practices during each session that allow you to move forward with your Coaching Program. These practices are designed uniquely for you, by you and your coach, to support building the muscles you need to include and transcend your current way of being in your topic, as you move steadily toward a new way of being in your topic.